User-friendly Linux support for the Timex Data Link USB Watch

The goal of wxDatalinkUSB is to add user-friendly Linux support to the Timex Data Link USB watch. To this end, wxDatalinkUSB is a graphical user interface that utilizes a patched version of the existing libdlusb Linux driver for the Timex Data Link USB watch. wxDatalinkUSB currently supports all the built-in modes of the watch (appointments, occasions, schedules, contacts, etc.) and offers an import wizard that supports iCal and CSV formats.


10/10/2012 - Version 0.0.5 released

Changed udev rules for modern systems and fixed a bug that caused libdlusb to fail when compiling on modern Linux systems. Fixes some calendar timezone issues.

6/13/2010 - Website updated

Updated the installation section for Ubuntu 10.04.

1/1/2008 - Version 0.0.4 released

0.0.4 adds custom WristApp support and further improves iCal support. iCal recurrences are now handled in a meaningful way.

9/3/2007 - Version 0.0.3 released

0.0.3 adds better support for iCals and fixes compile errors in unicode builds of wxWidgets.

8/1/2007 - Version 0.0.2 released

0.0.2 fixes a few minor bugs and increases the responsiveness of the user-interface.


This is alpha software! Be prepared to do a hard reset. In fact, if you use this software, and it causes your watch to explode in a brilliant ball of flame, it's not my fault. If this software causes your toaster to break, it still isn't my fault. If this software causes your watch to beep at the wrong time, scaring off a butterfly which causes a tremor in the ground that grows to a major earthquake that opens a major fault line which proceeds to cause all of California, which unfortunately includes your house, to slide under the earth's crust, it really still isn't my fault. But if you write me an email about it I might say I'm sorry and even include a little sad face for you.

Having said that, I only crashed my watch twice during the entire development process and I fixed those bugs. If you do end up having a problem, file a bug report at sourceforge and/or post to the datalink user's list. The list also includes a great FAQ (PDF at the bottom) in the files section that will tell you how to perform a hard-reset if you need to.

wxDatalinkUSB utilizes wxWidgets (hence the "wx" in the name). The import wizard uses libical and libcsv to support their respective formats.